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The Universal Law of entanglement suggests that everything is connected to everything else. 2012 is a powerful time of transformation on the galactic level which according to the law of entanglement will reflect on the planetary and human level.

This is a tremendous opportunity for spiritual expansion. Massive spiritual Awakening has already begun everywhere in the world. The process of awakening will accelerate as the galactic changes amplify. For us to reach the state of total oneness with the zero point field or Pure Consciousness, we have to apply ourselves to the spiritual purification it implies. The more we apply ourselves to a spiritual daily discipline, the more prepared we will be to attain a higher level of Consciousness. Read more...

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This "secret of secrets" is quite simply that you are creator beings (both human and divine). This knowledge, as to your nature, has been purposefully hidden from you by your religions and some of your philosophies.

These secrets are, of course, forbidden fruits, for were you to partake of them you would gain knowledge of your own divinity, even as you live in materiality. You would gain the knowledge that you are creating your future in this very moment and in every moment of your life: through your thoughts and your feelings, and by what you choose to think and feel about yourself and each other.

The "secret of secrets" frees you from the imprisonment of human limitation. It frees you from the constraints of your time, place and circumstance. It does this by opening the doorway of your own mind, freeing it from the mental imprisonment projected onto you by those forces which would contain and manipulate human destiny, for their own selfish ends.

The "Secret of Secrets" has four aspects.

The ability to attain spiritual insight, or vision, i.e. to see through the lies that are being projected onto you. And to see the "best path," even in the greatest darkness.

The ability to feel. This is the core of the secrets. It is your greatest treasure, although it is also your greatest quandary. Those who wish to control and manipulate you know that freezing, or paralyzing, your ability to feel anything but the lower emotional spectrum will serve their end.

The ability to speak your truth. For many of you the coming times will demand that you speak your truth clearly, even when it is diametrically opposed to those around you.


The ability to take action. These four aspects are rooted together and are the source of your freedom.

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by Ivan "Evon" Stein


First in a series of four ground-breaking Workshops from Ivan Stein that provide both the "Big Picture" and a detailed understanding of healing for positive manifestation. The material presented in these workshops will define the relationship between energy, consciousness, harmonization, and manifestation.

You will learn how to recognize and change destructive patterns, heal the past, and attract more positive people and experiences through a greater understanding of your experience. Participants have stated this material bridges the gap between the physical and metaphysical worlds. Watch the video series...






Positive Manifestation by Ivan "Evon" Stein (Part 1 of 8)

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by Ivan "Evon" Stein


Second in a series of ground-breaking Workshops from Ivan Stein that provide both the "Big Picture" and a detailed understanding of positive manifestation. Workshop #2 Breaking Control Dramas will provide a comprehensive understanding of how breaking control dramas can accelerate your ability to manifest positive experiences.

You will learn the four basic control dramas, how to recognize them and how to rid them from your life. This workshop will answer the questions of why people use control dramas, where we learned them, why we get caught in them, and how to break them permanently. You will be given exercises and tools that you can apply in every day experiences and see immediate results. You will also learn how we have been programmed from birth to use control dramas to take energy from others and why we can get drained of energy when we get caught in control dramas. Watch the video series...

Breaking Control Dramas by Ivan "Evon" Stein (Part 1 of 7)

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by Ivan "Evon" Stein


Third in a series of ground-breaking Workshops from Ivan Stein that provide both the "Big Picture" and a detailed understanding of positive manifestation. Workshop #3 Learning From Experiences will provide a detailed understanding of the blockages to positive growth and how to learn the spiritual lesson in every experience.

You will learn how your thoughts and actions have attracted your experiences and how to reprogram your consciousness to break negative patterns. You will be given tools and exercises to assist in healing over past and present experiences. You will learn how to reprogram your thoughts and actions in order to demanifest negative experiences and manifest increasingly more positive experiences. This workshop will help you take quantum leaps in your personal and spiritual growth by gaining knowledge and wisdom from everyday experiences. Watch the video series...

Learning From Experiences by Ivan "Evon" Stein (Part 1 of 8)

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by Ivan "Evon" Stein


Fourth in a series of ground-breaking Workshops from Ivan Stein that provide both the "Big Picture" and a detailed understanding of positive manifestation. Workshop #4 Manifesting Your Thoughts will provide a detailed understanding of the relationship between your present thoughts and manifesting future experiences.

You will learn how manifesting the positive will demanifest the negative. This workshop will cover such topics as centering, meditation, dreams and visions, and self evaluation. You will be given tools and exercises to accelerate the reprogramming of your consciousness and the ability to release at higher levels. You will learn the key to self-healing, the importance of visualization and affirmation, and techniques for centering and meditation. This workshop will teach you how to take an active role in manifesting your future experiences and fulfilling your highest purpose. Watch the video series...


Manifesting Your Thoughts by Ivan "Evon" Stein (Part 1 of 6)

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The coming cosmic and planetary events could have a major transformational effect on human consciousness. Visionary and entrepreneur, Chad Ashley Vanderberg, describes the connection between humans as a species and the universe, what processes we are likely to go through during these times, and how to prepare for these experiences in the most optimal way. Watch the video...

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The breath affects our physical, emotional/mental and spiritual bodies. The physical aspect is considered the exoteric or the outer part of us and the spiritual is the esoteric or the inner. The inner part of us is the blueprint of our individuality which includes all the impressions and traumas and experience we have had in this lifetime and beyond. Past impressions are also stored in the physical, emotional and mental bodies. For example, people may go to a series of Rolfing massages and start to unleash old emotions stuck in the tissues, such as anger or sadness. The breath, when used correctly, has the power to help release all the past impressions stored in the subtle body, or etheric body, taking you into higher state of happiness. These stored past impressions have dulled the inner light that once used to shine as a young child and gradually got buried through layers of conditioning. Seekers from all spiritual paths understand this. By dedicating their whole energy to the release of the limitations or ego, they return to their spiritual nature of joyful and boundless freedom. Read more...

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