Social Economic impacts


Introduction: The Social Economic impacts that lay before us are going to be nothing less than catastrophic on a global scale even without the Possible Earth Events. These impacts include: critical depletion of natural resources, continued deterioration of global health, worldwide economic depression, exponential increase in commodity prices (inflation), global famine, world war III, global chaos, and martial law.

As difficult as it may be to be believe, these social and economic impacts are not occurring by accident. They have been planned quite deliberately and allowed to develop in order to maintain stability and control for the past 100 years and especially for the next few years. To many people, this may sound like “shock and awe”, but the information contained in the following pages will reveal a plan, so insidious and obvious, that you may wonder how it has gone virtually undetected by the masses.


However it happened, the world population has been lulled into a state of complacency by those who we’ve given our trust and even more importantly, our lives, livelihood, and our very existence. When most people speak of conspiracy, they have little idea of how deep the rabbit-hole really goes. We will now attempt to create a picture of the near and long-term future of our social economic realities.

The governments and Powers That Be (PTB) are not solely responsible for our current state of existence. On a spiritual level, we have absolutely attracted and manifested our current social and economic conditions. There is a very basic universal law that states “if you are unable to manage your own energy and consciousness, then you will attract a force that will manage them for you”. In other words, if we are not capable of being responsible for all our actions, then there will always be a need for some external force to ensure that we maintain responsibility for at least some of our actions.

In our present world, these external forces include everything from parents, teachers, corporate management, police, governments, and the military. Since responsibility includes all thoughts and actions, you may begin to see how our current world would be much worse off without these forces to keep people and countries in some form of civilized order.

Everyone wants to believe that if these forces of controls were not in our lives that peace would reign throughout the land. Yes and No. In order for this to be true, then everyone would have to act respectful, responsible, honest, and supportive 100% of the time. There could be no thoughts or actions of crime, deception, destruction, or corruption. The world would need to be perfect or the people living in this world would need to have achieved a state of consciousness by which they no longer operated in fear, anger, and anxiety. OK. So how realistic is this possibility, even in the near future?

There are also those who would say this period in history, of global conscious evolution, means that the perfect world is a real possibility or even an impending reality. This is absolutely possible, however, until it can be achieved on small levels (i.e. sustainable communities), it can not manifest on a large scale.


Another basic universal law, that is often conveniently overlooked, is that “nothing is given that is not earned”. Like all universal laws, this deals with cause and affect. In other words, our fears are not simply taken away by some fanciful higher consciousness or entity; they must be addressed on an individual level for individual growth. Until a critical mass of consciously responsible beings exists on Earth, the pendulum of consciousness can not swing from one side to the other. Even when it does swing in the positive direction that still means that every individual must learn how to maintain that consciousness.

The government and PTB are absolutely not our friends. Over the centuries, they have built and maintained a system of controls that have ensured their domination and our submission. They have accomplished this through systemic and gradual methods of dis-empowerment and these methods can be boiled down to one simple concept “addictions”. The PTB understand human nature and our need for self-indulgence and self satisfaction and they have played us against ourselves in order to keep us addicted to a dysfunctional and self-destructive system.

We have become addicted to the very foods that cause diseases. We have become addicted to monetary systems that steal our power, our wealth, and have enslaved mankind. We have become addicted to a medical system that keeps us sedated and further breaks down the fiber of our physical body. We have become addicted to technology that feeds our need for instant acknowledgment and gratification. We have become addicted to the media and other forms of entertainment that keep us numb and in fear. We have become addicted to external events to bring meaning into our lives. And we have become addicted to a world which is based on holding us down so the PTB can rise up.

The government and PTB have played their cards well, but until recently, they were using a rigged deck. Well, that time is over. More and more people have awakened to the fact that our leaders are not looking out for the interests of the people, but rather for their own interests. Through this realization, people are taking back their lives, their independence, and their spirit.

But who are these people that are making decisions for the rest of us? Who are the PTB? Who are these people that know what’s coming for Earth and humanity and have deliberately kept it a secret while all the time preparing their own salvation?



To answer that, we must first go back a few centuries to when the land was ruled by kings and queens. In those times, the world was controlled by armies and by brutal force as they scorched the land to acquire another man's wealth. These empires and those who controlled them, amassed fortunes from the people they conquered and the natural resources they plundered. It is their legacy that rules the world today.

Although the PTB of today are not much different than those of past centuries, the main difference is the tools they use to enslave the masses. Global economics now allow them to control through the manipulation of monetary systems rather than by the sword. That doesn’t mean they don’t still use brute force, it only means that the pen has become mightier than the sword.

Without going into too much detail, the PTB consists of all those with lineage that dates back to medieval times and even before. This includes those with heredity to the monarchies, empires, and dictators of the world. And how do they keep their individual names out of the public eye in their bid for world domination? They form other organizations and corporations to manage and control for them. Some of these include: the Bilderberg Group, Federal Reserve Bank (FRB), World Bank, G8 (Group of Eight), G20, utility companies, and the largest corporations in the world.

Does anyone really believe these groups haven’t seen this social economic collapse coming? Does anyone believe they are unaware that the U.S. has been living on borrowed money and borrowed time since the end of the World War II? These institutions probably have more MBA analysts on staff than most countries. Their sole responsibility is to use scientific and statistical analysis to track, project, and predict global financial and market potentials before they occur. This includes cornering and monopolizing virtually every possible economic or market opportunity before the public is even aware of the potential.

One example is the oil industry. How many people know that thirteen members of the Rockefeller family sit on the board of directors of Exxon-Mobile, the largest oil company in the world? What’s even more important is whether you were aware the Rockefeller family is part owner in the FRB.



Let’s consider the U.S. economy, with 30% of global consumption, can and will single handedly tank the entire world economic system once it fails. Let’s also consider the FRB is one PTB that controls the U.S. monitory system. But who is the Federal Reserve Bank? Most people think they are a government agency, but they are not. They manage the U.S. money supply and monitory policy, but they are not even government employees. The FRB is a private corporation that doesn’t even have to answer to the U.S. Congress or the President of the United States. If you still have questions about the ownership of the Federal Reserve Bank, here are some links for your reference.




Do you think the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Senate, or the U.S. Presidents aren’t aware that they work for someone other than the U.S. Government? For some reason, people tend to believe that a government is in service for the people. Wouldn’t it be great if that were really true? The reality is that governments are only interested in two things: maintaining stability and what they can get out of the system to serve themselves.

The bottom line and what’s most important about the Social Economic impacts is that Life on planet Earth is about to change forever even without the coming cosmic and geophysical events. In fact, it will further be shown that mankind has reached a pivotal point in our existence and that we are heading for man-made self-destruction in the near future. As a result, society and economics as we know them today will disappear and will never return to these levels unless some form of divine intervention either enlightens the entire population instantaneously or fixes the problems on our behalf.




The most horrific part of all this is that those in control of the world (the PTB) are well aware of these facts and are doing nothing to fix them. They knew when they created these systems that this day would come and they know it’s not possible to repair what they have created. They are, however, willing to let the mass population suffer unconscionably while they sit back and watch it all happen from the comfort of their armchair.

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