Preparation Today

Project TriStar is dedicated to providing access to resources that may assist you in creating or locating a sustainable community. These resources may be in the form of information, products, or websites that relate to the topics of sustainability options, geographic locations, socioeconomic considerations, as well as optimizing your spiritual and physical health.

Sustainable Living


Sustainable living is defined as “a specific lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual's or society's use of the Earth's natural resources.” Project TriStar is dedicated to the concept and application of sustainable living as the human population continues to over consume Earth’s resources.

In the last 30 years, the world has consumed 33% of our global resources (90% of our old growth forests are gone). It appears that the global population has been brainwashed into the practice of consumption without taking responsibility. At our rate of consumption and with no apparent ability to control population growth, how do we expect to survive for even another 10 years on planet Earth?

Right now, many people are considering either creating or moving into a sustainable off-the-grid community. The reality is that life as we have been programmed to live it is dysfunctional and is not sustainable. Project TriStar is dedicated to bringing awareness and solutions that can help each of us return to a way of living in harmony with Nature’s law.

Geophysical Events


If you’ve read the Timeline To The Future website, then you may have a good understanding of the potential cosmic and geophysical events that could unfold in our near future. For these reasons, the location of your community may be one of the most important decisions that you can make in your sustainability preparations.

Throughout history, whenever a decision has been about real estate, it’s always been about location, location, location. It didn’t matter if you were building a castle, fortress, farm, or village, and this time is no exception. When Project TriStar discusses your decision on a community location, it’s to prepare for the potential geophysical events, as well as the imminent global socioeconomic changes that will occur very soon. If drastic changes are not made immediately, over half of the world population will be starving and without fresh water very soon. Do you know where you’re going to be living when this happens?

Whether you’re planning for a small group or a large community, a poor choice of location could mean living in chaos rather than in peace and harmony. Project TriStar understands the importance of choosing a geographic location where you can thrive and survive through these challenging times. The "Where will It Be Safe?" content is dedicated to providing answers and solutions for choosing the optimal geographic location for your community.

Social Economic Impacts


The social and economic impacts from the events leading up to this period in history are going to be nothing less than catastrophic.

The imminent events that will change life as we know it are unfolding rapidly, but still seem to be going under the radar for most people. These events include: economic depression, global famine, and increased hostility between nations. Although many hope that we will avoid any or all of these events, it appears that as conscious co-creative beings, we have not yet achieved the necessary critical mass to manifest these changes.

Social unrest

Right now, we are already seeing global famine as a direct result of the economic recession (or slowdown), but once the global economy enters a full depression, the global impact will most certainly be much worse than 1929. As a society, based on consumption and addiction to an economic system that is based on zero substance, the imminent collapse and social consequences are going to be devastating.

When you add to this, the potential for further Earth changes, you may begin to realize just how life, as we know it, is about to change forever. The prospects for calm on a social and economic level are completely dependent on our ability to sever our co-dependency to the economic system that has enslaved mankind.

However you’re planning to sustain, survive, and thrive through these challenging times, it’s important to be aware of how your choices may be affected by the mass chaos, mass hysteria, and mass hostility that comes with mass starvation. The Social Economic resource page is dedicated to providing answers and solutions to help you prepare for the massive changes to our social and economic structures.

Spiritual Balance


If you’ve watched the Mayan calendar presentation by Ian Xel Lundgold, you may understand how our conscious evolution has entered the most profound period in the history of Earth. Most of us feel it already with many others are waking up every day to a realization that we are heading in a new direction of consciousness.

We have already entered a time of exponential conscious acceleration. This means that individuals, groups, communities, countries, and the planet are all going through a transformation. This is a transformation away from those thought forms which have not served our highest good and into a realization that we have the ability to do it better.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the realization that we can do it better was simultaneous with the actual abilities to make it happen today? The reality is that all transformation starts from within and it’s up to each of us to assimilate this realization and nurture these abilities first within ourselves before we can affect real change on a global level.

This is an opportunity for conscious expansion and the sooner we get started, the sooner our world returns to a state of harmony, balance, and sustainability. The essence of spirituality is to experience Oneness with all creation. With this awareness and a deep connection to source, there is no fear and we are guided and protected. We are spiritual beings experiencing a human life, not the other way around. The Spiritual resource page is dedicated to providing tools and information that can help awaken your full potential and the recognition of our inner divinity. It’s through rediscovering our true essence that we can thrive through the coming challenges.

Optimal Health


Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are all interconnected, and the physical body is where they are all combined into this realm of existence. For this reason, a healthy physical body is essential to preparing for sustainability.

Many people are serious about their spiritual path and practice their beliefs regularly, but may not have a healthy diet or exercise program. The energy that sustains the entire universe is the same energy that dwells within our physical body. In order to experience our full potential, the physical body must also be strong and healthy.

Physical preparation comes down to a combination of diet and exercise. This is nothing new. We’ve all heard this before, but have we acted on this information? The first and foremost in order of importance is our diet. Without a healthy diet, any sustainable level of vitality or exercise program can be difficult and even impossible to maintain.

What we do, think, feel, and eat affects our overall health and, therefore, our ability to cope with stress. Strengthening our physical body, mastering our mind, and healing our emotional body are essential to acquiring the strength to face the events that are about to unfold. For the physical, this means, eating sustainable foods that provide the highest nutritional value, a weight bearing exercise program, good sleeping patterns, and an overall healthy lifestyle.

The Health resource page is dedicated to providing tools and information that can help you realign your physical health with your conscious evolution. Through this realignment, you can experience exponential growth and healing on the physical level that keeps pace with your acceleration in consciousness.