Project TriStar understands the importance of the arts for the health and well being of an individual community member and for the community as a whole. To Project TriStar, a healthy expression of artistic abilities is the foundation for inspiring both beauty and peace in any environment.

After all, what do the terms art and artisan really mean? Aristotle said: “The general aim of art is the good on mankind”. Art is defined as “the imitation of nature in its operating manners”. Maybe even a more basic definition is that art is "the reflection of life itself". After all, isn't the development or application of any skill considered an art? In fact, isn't every action in nature, whether human or not, an expression of art?



You don't need to be labeled as an artist to be using or applying your art. An artistic expression can be painting, sculpturing, or singing, but it can also be the art of communication, growing food, or even the art of creating community. In the most simple terms, every single event that has occurred throughout history has been created out of act of artistic expression. Of course, this may be difficult to accept if you have ever been on the receiving end of a negative expression.

To the Project TriStar community, the most important thing about the application of artistic expression is that it is nourished in a positive direction and for the betterment of both the individual member and the community as a whole. If developed in a positive manner, art, as the expression of life, nurtures everything in its path. Through a healthy expression of art (i.e. life), Project TriStar believes that a community can flourish through all means of challenge and diversity.

As a community devoted to the application of natural laws, Project TriStar offers each member the opportunity to experience their artistic expression at the highest levels. Besides those experiences that may be considered artisan in nature such as painting, music, and dance, to Project TriStar, artistic expression also includes a woodworker, builder, seamstress, engineer, or scientist. To Project TriStar, every action taken by every member of the community is an act of artistic expression.

The Project TriStar community and all activities within the community revolve around the simple concepts of creativity, cooperation, and co-creation. The community concept and planning provides every member with the opportunity to develop their existing expression or evolve into new expressions. The ultimate goal always being for each member to reach as high as they can.


To enhance this goal, Project TriStar has established a series of artisan departments and developed a wide range of artisan activities. In the realm of purely artisan, these activities include: painting, sculpting, music, song, and dancing. In the realm of exercise, relaxation, and rejuvenation, these activities include: yoga, meditation, energy work, and environment rooms. In the realm of practical and man-made essentials, these activities include: pottery, seamstress, and fabrication.

These programs are designed to stimulate personal and community creativity. While most of these programs are extra-curricular and voluntary in nature, others provide essential products for the operation of the community and are part of the work assignments.