Lifestyle Overview

To Project TriStar, the term "lifestyle" means much more than a living and working community environment. It means having an enthusiasm for life and the way in which people interact, support, and nurture themselves and each other in everything they do.

To the Project TriStar community, this translates to an understanding that community sustainability can only be achieved if you first achieve personal sustainability of the mind, body, and spirit. As such, the Project TriStar community lifestyle is designed to help people achieve continuous growth, healing, and balance both individually and as a whole.

To achieve this goal, Project TriStar has outlined how each community department, production, and activity will operate in order to conform to a set of, mutually agreed upon, lifestyle guidelines. These guidelines are meant to represent the ideal lifestyle goals of the community and form a baseline from which the community lifestyle will develop.

The goal of achieving community harmony, efficiency, and sustainability through the expansion of the individual mind, body, and spirit is not a new concept. This form of community has been a common goal for as long as human history has been recorded. From ancient times to present, humanity has strived to achieve a harmony between man, Earth, and the environment.

Knowing there are an infinite number of approaches to achieve any goal, Project TriStar has drawn its community lifestyle concepts from the best of human history. This does not mean that the Project TriStar community will become an ashram, temple, or monastery. Instead, the Project TriStar community is applying some very basic concepts that include: common belief, individual choice, and co-creative action.

The Project TriStar community is made up of a group of like-minded people who have a common understanding and agreement of how they choose to live life and interact with others and the surrounding environment. In essence, each member of the Project TriStar community has learned something about life that has changed their perspective on how life can be experienced differently from the global socioeconomic models that pervade the planet.

For some people, the Project TriStar community lifestyle may feel foreign, idealistic, or unattainable. For others, this lifestyle will feel like they have reached the end of a long journey, to a place they have been seeking for most or all of their lives. For these people, this lifestyle will resonate to their very core, feel comforting, and completely attainable.

Project TriStar is not attempting to change anyone's mind about what community means to them or what might be an ideal community lifestyle to others. We have simply chosen a lifestyle concept that resonates with our mutual view of life and existence on planet Earth.

In order to assist both existing and future Project TriStar members in their understanding of the community lifestyle, we have written separate explanations for each part of these lifestyle guidelines. Below is a list of these considerations along with hyperlinks to the individual and more specific explanations of what they mean to the Project TriStar community.


One of the most important concepts to this community and lifestyle is that members use their individual rights of free will and choice when deciding if the Project TriStar community lifestyle resonates with their belief and understanding. This lifestyle is not an attempt to convert others into a specific way of thinking, but rather to provide an environment where people, with common belief's, can expand, grow, and flourish.

As such, those who are considering membership in the Project TriStar community should review the lifestyle guidelines carefully and then choose whether they have both the desire and potential to live in such an evolutionary environment. Once you have determined this is a lifestyle that resonates with your belief, you are welcome to submit a Membership Application.