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Membership in the Project TriStar community is a commitment to yourself and the entire community. The Project TriStar community is an initiative to help as many people as possible with the provision that these people are consciously awake and on a continuous path of self-realization and self-improvement.

In order to achieve the highest probability of community success and social harmony, Project TriStar has established an application process for new members.  This starts with the completion of the Member Application form followed by a video or in-person interview and personal reference checks. This screening process has been designed to give the Project TriStar Membership Committee a detailed understanding of where an applicant is in their life, and to give applicants the ability to express their views about life, spirit, and material possession. The membership committee reviews each application thoroughly to ensure that every applicant is given the appropriate respect and consideration.

Membership screening is a fundamental step in assuring the community operates in the spirit of the Project TriStar vision and mission. Membership is as much about a willingness to release and break through old patterns of consciousness as it is about how someone might contribute to the community. Membership is equal opportunity and is not based on any concept of quotas. Project TriStar does not discriminate based on race, color, religious creed, spiritual belief, ancestry, national origin, age, or sex.

Once an applicant is approved for community membership, they are required to attend member orientation prior to relocating to the remote community facility.  Member orientation consists of a personal skills evaluation, defining work assignments, reviewing the community policies and guidelines, evaluation of physical health, processing through any remaining emotional addictions, and gaining greater comfort with the community lifestyle and raw vegan diet.

Project TriStar is not an open door community where everyone can just show up and become a member.  The application and review process is designed to ensure the highest probability of harmonic co-existence and sustainability as we enter these challenging times that will surely test each of us on new levels. Membership in the Project TriStar community does not ensure that friends and family can automatically become members. In these cases, everything is taken into account including: where each person is consciously, their relationship, their ability to work, play and communicate effectively, etc.  All factors are considered when reviewing an applicant, but the community comes first when considering someone for membership.