Supporting Project Tristar

Supporting Project TriStar

The Project TriStar website, videos, and initiative are the products of selfless devotion to the greatest good of all. As such, there are many ongoing projects where Project TriStar could use your support. Here are some ways that you can participate in the Project TriStar initiative.

Banner & URL Posting: One of the best ways to distribute information about Project TriStar for the benefit of others is to introduce them to the Project TriStar concept of returning to community, sustainability design, and lifestyle.  This will give them the opportunity to become aware of the Project TriStar community model as they prepare for the events that are about to change our lives. If you feel the Project TriStar material can help others, then please help us reach more people by commenting and placing our URL and/or Banner on other Social Network Sites, Website, Forums or Blogs. Here is a variety of LinkShare Banners for this purpose.

Seeking Translators: In an ongoing effort to increase awareness and help more people on a global level, Project TriStar is in the process of translating this website content, several soon to be published books, and DVD's. To accomplish this task, we are seeking volunteers who may be interested in helping with these translations. It is not expected that one person will translate the entire content for any one of these media, but every little bit helps to complete the task. Any time and expertise that you may be able to offer is certain to be appreciated by those who can not read English. Every translated page could make the difference in another person's life. If you or anyone you know is such a multilingual humanitarian, please Contact Project TriStar.

Volunteer: As an independently financed, volunteer and humanitarian operation, Project TriStar is always seeking skilled people who are interested in volunteering some of their time to help Project TriStar reach and support more people. This may include helping out with some research, searching for specific content to enhance this website, marketing ideas, or simply some constructive input. If you have knowledge of any products, services, or designs that you feel might be useful for this community initiative, please Contact Project TriStar.

Submit Your Ideas: Project TriStar does it's best to create an environment where like-minded people from around the world can meet and collaborate during possibly the most influential period in human history. As such, we tend to work in a vacuum at times and would appreciate your suggestions for creating a greater multimedia experience for visitors of this website. You may have ideas about relevant or related videos, content, or other design ideas. All ideas are welcome and can be submitted by Contacting Project TriStar.

Book & DVD: Project TriStar founder, Ivan Stein, is in the process of completing several books on the topics of creating sustainable communities, what to consider when choosing a community, and "Where Will It Be Safe? from the potential and Possible Earth Events.  These books answer many questions that are becoming of increasing importance in many peoples lives. These books and DVD's include his spiritual workshops entitled "A Path To Self-Realization". If you would like to contribute to the Project TriStar initiative, you can visit our Donations! page and sign up as an Angel Donor. This will ensure that you receive one of the first presses of your choice of these Books and DVD's.

Donations: Whatever Project TriStar does, it does for greatest good of humanity and not for itself. As such, the Project TriStar initiative is not simply create one sustainable communities, but to provide information to help other people facilitate their own communities.  Whether people see the value of utilize these resources is strictly up to the individual.  Project TriStar is graciously open to your support in this humanitarian effort. The more funds that we can raise, the more people we can help to prepare and ultimately achieve their sustainability goals.


As founder of Project TriStar, I am consistently humbled by the heart-felt support and sincerity by those who follow our work and efforts. As humans beings, we have come here to do something special and sometimes it means aspiring to do even more.

Thank you in advance for your kind and generous support and we look forward to hearing from you!


With Love and Blessings,

Ivan "Evon" Stein
Project TriStar Founder