Interior Design

Depending on the size of the subterranean structure and the number of prefabricated modules involved, there are literally infinite ways of planning and laying out the interior architecture. As the size of the community, services offered by the community, and number of modules increase, the complexity and layout options for the interior design also increase. There are some basic practical issues such as placing the living and sleeping quarters in a quiet location and maybe even placing the storage in the rear areas, but even these are dependent on many factors.

Once the number and size of modules has been determined, the prefabricated module manufacturer generates a development costs that include purchasing the modules, layout and construction of the module interiors, infrastructure development, site excavate, as well as delivery and assembly of the modules.

These images provide a visual representation of the interior module designs, but do not depict the actual designs for the Project TriStar subterranean community development. The Project TriStar infrastructure includes all necessary community services while achieving the infrastructure objectives of self-sustainability, redundancy, and safety. This means that the modules include: living quarters, food production, bathrooms & showers, fabrication & maintenance, community services, kitchen and food preparation, health services, assembly & dining, common area, and utilities & storage.

As you can see from these representations, modules can be configured to accommodate just about any community service or activity conceivable. The prefabricated modules can be configured with any internal layout or construction desired to achieve the Project TriStar community goals. The internal construction and layout of the modules includes assembly areas, operational offices, open spaces with plants to simulate above ground conditions, quiet areas for use in personal development exercises, growing facilities with the ability to grow a large assortment of fruit and nut trees, etc. Details on the exterior design and module specifications are also available.