Community Funding

Project TriStar is a private non-profit organization and as such, all contributions go directly to the Project TriStar Community Development.

The Project TriStar community is a vast undertaking that requires considerable monetary, physical, and intellectual resources.  As a co-creative endeavor, founded on the principles of cooperation and selfless actions, Project TriStar understands that a significant financial commitment is required to complete the community development.

How much does it cost to join the Project TriStar community?


Project TriStar does not require a specific or defined financial contribution from an applicant or member of the community and understands this approach is unique among similar community projects.  It is, however, an approach that Project TriStar feels is necessary in order to create a culturally diverse spiritual community that provides an equal opportunity to the greatest number of people.


How is Project TriStar financed?


The primary source of financing for the community comes from member contributions and non-member humanitarian donations.  Although individual members of the community are not required to contribute financially, Project TriStar encourages each member to contribute as much as they can within their unique circumstance.

Among other things, applicants are selected for their understanding of the coming global events that will dramatically change the world we live in; for their belief of living in service for the greatest good; and for their sincere desire and choice to live a more harmonic and natural lifestyle.  Community members are those who have come to a realization that material wealth, as well as all material possessions are provided for a reason and that parting with such possessions for a worthy cause is a joy rather than a hardship.

As such, those community members who do have access to financial resources openly and freely contribute whatever they can for the greatest good of the community and not simply to reserve their place within the community.

Project TriStar also receives contributions from non-member humanitarian donors for the same reasons.  These are individuals and organizations that have chosen to help others in their pursuit of a worthy cause.  This type of contribution may come in the form of financial donations, equipment, products, services, or other intellectual resources that are used to complete the community development.

Besides financial contributions, all community members participate in the community planning, development, and operations as their background, skills, and knowledge provide.  This participation may include: project management, research, planning, and construction or manual labor.

Why isn’t every member required to contribute financially?


Creating cultural diversity in any community means bringing people together from different backgrounds, with different skills, and different means.  Project TriStar understands that individual circumstances and lifestyle choices might limit an applicant’s financial status, but also understands the bigger picture that every community member is unique and important to the whole.

Project TriStar is one of the few communities that does not require financial contributions on a per member basis, but rather operates on the concept that those who can contribute will do so willingly, graciously, and to their greatest extent possible.

Project TriStar is co-creating something quite unique among sustainable communities that are preparing for the coming global changes.  Those who contribute to this endeavor understand that Project TriStar provides a unique and possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for members to live in an environment that serves the greatest good of humanity.  As such, all financial contributors must consider and evaluate their choices and alternative uses for their financial resources.

What does a member or non-member receive for their financial contribution?

The Project TriStar community is founded on universal principles and some very core spiritual understandings.  Some of these understandings include: the law of cause and effect, the law of equal and opposite forces, and the law of attraction.  As such, Project TriStar operates with the understanding that expectation and anticipation of receiving from any actions of giving are emotions that do not serve the individual, the community, or the greatest good.

When members or non-members do make a financial contribution to Project TriStar they are not buying something per se except possibly a sense that they have done something good and noble.  When an applicant is approved as a community member and chooses to contribute financially, they are helping to ensure their own sustainability, as well as that of the entire community.  With that said, Project TriStar does not accept a member or non-member financial contribution for the sole purpose of buying their membership into the community.

Project TriStar makes no promise or guaranteed that any form of physical or monitory remuneration will be received by those who contribute.  Project TriStar does offer the opportunity for large donors of money, equipment, and services to be prominently listed in all related literature and material used to promote the Project TriStar Community, Global Initiative, and sustainable community development.  Such literature is distributed at Project TriStar speaking engagements and posted through the websites.

Project TriStar hopes that contributions to this community endeavor are done with a clear intent and clear understanding that this is not an investment for the purpose of financial gain or profit, but rather for the greatest good of humanity.  It is further our hope that every contributor or donor to Project TriStar does so with an open heart, open mind, and with the ability to receive their remuneration through the pure act of compassion and giving.

How does Project TriStar ensure that members do not abuse this generous financial policy?

Just because Project TriStar doesn’t require individual financial participation doesn’t mean that membership in the community is easy.  In fact, membership in the Project TriStar Community is likely to be even more challenging because it is based on a wide range of considerations.

When considering an applicant for membership in the community, Project TriStar looks at every aspect of a person’s life and lifestyle.  These considerations include, but are not limited to:  honesty, integrity, spirituality, and a general ability to live life in a remote, off-the-grid, and subterranean community environment.  Project TriStar is not looking for perfection in an applicant, but rather for the potential that an applicant has to become a balanced, supportive, and active participant in the community.

The community’s remote, off-the-grid, self-sustainable environment, founded on natural and universal laws, will likely be a challenge for most people.  For an analogy, consider how many people could live on a submarine and then add the ability to achieve 100% self-sustainability through renewable energy sources.  It’s no surprise that the community environment may be considered extreme even by many people who are seeking community.  As such, it takes people with a unique set of beliefs and conscious attitude to adjust and be comfortable in such a community environment.

The selection process takes into account everything about an applicant before a decision of acceptance is made.  Most importantly are the applicant's ability to live in such an environment, the reason they want to join, their ability to communicate in a consciously responsible fashion, their fears, and much more.

Who owns the assets that are purchased on behalf of the Project TriStar community?

As a non-profit and humanitarian endeavor, Project TriStar is only interested in ownership as it is necessary to facilitate a move from the materialistic and economically driven world to the naturalistic and spiritual world of the community.  Project TriStar understands that securing land, building materials, supplies, and resources are responsibilities that ensure the community longevity and sustainability.

Project TriStar is and operates as a corporation and all purchases are made by the corporation for the benefit of the community members.  The corporation is managed by a Board of Directors along with a Management Team and approx. 200 other committee members.

In order to ensure that all community members are treated with equal respect and responsibility, and without favoritism, all assets purchased on behalf of the community are held in trust by the corporation.