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Ivan Stein, founder of Project TriStar

Ivan "Evon" Stein started his first company at the age of eighteen and has since been recognized as a self-starter, entrepreneur, and natural leader with direct management roles in ten startup companies. His ability to communicate and articulate his message enabled him to expand his experience from management roles to writing business plans, raising financing, investment banking, and founding several business ventures. Ivan is also known as an innovator and inventor with patents in the field of electronics and pre-natal education devices.

Ivan received Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Connecticut in 1984. His 25 year career in technology includes: designing integrated circuits for the aerospace industry, cutting edge devices, and most recently as founder and owner of a computer retail and consulting firm.

In the early 90's, Ivan began a journey on the road to spiritual discovery and shortly thereafter, he quit his job and started meditating for up to 10 hours a day. Over the next few years, Ivan gained a tremendous amount of spiritual knowledge which became the foundation for his own spiritual evolution and his message. Just as he was about to move to Tibet and become a Buddhist monk, he was shown that his path was to rejoin society. He soon found that people were interested in his message which launched him on the path as a spiritual adviser, teacher, and lecturer.

Ivan has created a four part workshop series entitled A Path To Self-Realization and over the past 20 years, given numerous lectures on this material and continues to be a student and teacher in the world of spirituality.

As a consummate seeker and a person who has learned to question everything, Ivan found that the answers to his questions took him down a road that revealed more about the physical world than he ever imagined. As his discoveries grew, he found that people were interested in the topics of the polar shift, coming ice age, and the pattern of cataclysmic geophysical changes on Earth. With his scientific background and spiritual foundation, Ivan soon realized that his research was leading him to a balanced understanding of the events that are unfolding in these times. After lecturing on these topics for over 10 years, Ivan recently took his message to the world with the creation of websites, videos, books, and DVD’s.

After a long and successful career in business, he sold his real estate holdings and his computer business in order to devote his full attention to his latest endeavors. With a passion to raise awareness and help as many people as possible through these challenging times, Ivan has founded Timeline To The Future, Foundation For Sustainable Living, Project TriStar, TriStar Media Group, Alkaline For Optimal Health, and the Sustainable Community Directoy.

TriStar Media Group is responsible for media management and distribution for a growing number of works, projects, and interests related to elevating global awareness about the necessity to create conscious sustainable community. The activities of TriStar Media Group include: coordinating speaking engagements, lectures, conferences, book publishing, video and DVD production, consulting services, website development and media distribution. These activities are enhanced by Ivan's dedication and commitment to providing access to his knowledge and insights for those who are seeking greater clarity in these unusual times.

Foundation For Sustainable Living is a non-profit corporation that is dedicated to helping raise awareness to the necessity for global sustainability. Their programs are designed to provide information, solutions, and resources to groups and communities who are working to achieve a greater level of sustainability through food production, housing, alternative energy, community building, and optimal health.

Timeline To The Future provides truthful and scientific information related to the natural and man-made events surrounding this time in history including: social economic impacts, geophysical changes, and cosmic influences. Their goal is to awaken people to these realities and to assist them in understanding the coming events.

Project TriStar is an off-the-grid sustainable community based on natural and universal laws and that is being developed to provide a safe, peaceful, spiritual living environment for those who understand the wide range of consequences we may experience in the very near future. Their goal is to provide access to a community that is based on concepts that are revolutionary and evolutionary in the world of future communities, and blueprints for others who are working to create their own community.

Alkaline For Optimal Health is dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health by simply changing what they eat and drink. They provide a wealth of information about the causes of illness and disease, what anyone can do to improve their health and lifestyle naturally, and dietary solutions that can be customized to each individual. They help people realize that community or global sustainability must begin with individual sustainable health and eliminating our reliance on prescription medications and the medical industry.


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